12 Jul

Waking up missing this awesome young man and remembering all the chaos and pain surrounding this date #7.12 three years ago today. Some of you called him Jrocc. His family called him Puggie. Some of you just called him Jordan. But we ALL knew him as a REAL friend, a brother.... He was my Lil Dude.... My PopPop. Gun violence rips a family's heart out regardless of the circumstances. You just can't come back from that sort of pain and anguish. We miss him EVERY DAY... I wake up and look for him EVERY DAY. And then I realize that he's not here and the pain and reality sets in. If I can get everyone to understand that GUN VIOLENCE IS NOT COOL! It robs families of precious time they anticipate spending with loved ones. PLEASE STOP THE GUN VIOLENCE! #LLJ4L#GANTS#J4J
If I can get ALL of his brothers, sisters, cousin's, friends, and family.... Everyone that was touched by him, to post a candle 🕯️ and one of your favorite pictures in the comments section... Let's REMEMBER HIM today and keep him alive in our HEARTS. #7.12🧡. AND THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT TO SUPPORT US ON THIS PAST SUNDAY AND TO ALL WHO HAVE AND WILL DONATE!


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