Coach Allyn Thomas

Head of Events

Coach Al is my MC of events and also a great friend! He and his family have been a part of Jordan's family since Jordan was a year old. He has been very active and supportive in Jordan's life and has, without hesitation, participated in all of the events held for the JROCC FOUNDATION and the fundraising for JORDAN ANGEL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND. He and his family are a great asset to our team.

Dela Tarvin


Dela is a very supportive friend and mentor for the JROCC FOUNDATION. She has a very personal and dedicated connection with the members of the board and has proven to be a most valuable team player. She is a very strong and independent single mother who has shown tenacity and great value to have as a friend and team member.

Ashley Molina


Ashley is a long time friend of the JROCC FOUNDATION and is a great source of communication for the youth. The oldest of her three sons played along side Jordan on their little league football team. She is a great mom and friend and has been a great asset to our team.

Durell Forte


Durell is a remarkable young man. He is an author and a motivational speaker. He is also a very dear friend to several of the board members. His character speaks for itself. He is a very supportive and inspirational member of our team.

Coach Selven Milton


Coach Selven is not only a great mentor, but also a great friend. He has become part of the JROCC FOUNDATION family for life. He was one of Jordan's little league football coaches as a kid and has always shown a real love, respect, and value for our youth. He is a great addition to our team.

Coach Rene Amaya


Coach Rene is a great spiritual inspiration as well as long time friend. He is well-known and respected by the JROCC board members. He was also one of Jordan's little league football coaches as a child and has always remained a good friend. He is a great asset to have on our team.